Hear ye all, free men and women over the surface of the globe, that on this day, the 21st day of March Anno Domini 2003, that the Sodalitas Solis Alati, the Chamber of Inner Glory and Sanctity, has been manifested to the Glory of Eternal Truth.

We, the undersigned founders, have established the
College of the Adepti, and have erected the Grand Council of the College of the Adepti, to the Honour of the Lord of the Universe, Who works in Silence, and whom naught but Silence can express.

The purpose of the Order is the perpetuation and realization of the Western Hermetic Tradition in this new era. Our work is to bring forth the Light of Our Predecessors, Our Mothers and Fathers in Gnosis, Who have perpetuated Truth through the Traditions of
The Rosicrucian Order, The Ancient and Primitive Rite of the Egyptians, The Royal Art of the Alchemists, The Concealed Mysteries of the Kabbalists & The Apostolic Gnosis of Our beloved Lady Sofia.

We, the undersigned Superiors of the Grand Council of the College of the Adepti, have manifested through the Outer Veil of Our Inner Chamber the Order of
Sodalitas Rosae
XCrucis, an Order built to guide Men & Women of Desire to the acknowledgement of the One Royal Secret, the Mystery of Mysteries, the Arcana Arcanorum, in which everything is Dissolved, made Whole, Holy and Eternal.

May Our Work and Order ever be to the Honour and Glory of the Ever Radiant Sun beyond the Veils of Creation.

Copyright Sodalitas RosaeXCrucis et Solis Alati 2004