Order structure

The name, Sodalitas Rosae
XCrucis & Solis Alati, is actually the name of two Orders; the first, Sodalitas RosaeXCrucis (S.R.C.), translates into “The Secret Society of the Rosy Cross”, and was chosen to represent the Rosicrucian flavour of the magical and mystical processes that lead the candidate to a full contact with his/her Holy Guardian Angel. The second, Sodalitas Solis Alati (S.S.A.), which translates into “The Secret Society of the Winged Sun”, was chosen as to represent the alchemical work that the adept is then ready for. Within these two Orders, the magical work and initiations of the Golden Dawn and Rosae Rubeae et Aurea Crucis, the mystical work and initiations of Gnosticism and Christian Theurgy and the alchemical work of the Royal Path integrates into a coherent system of personal development, where every step follows the next in a clear and consistent way.

Our subject of study is inexhaustible for it is the Universe itself whose Mysteries we seek to fathom by the aid of that secret system of correspondences and formulae, the especial knowledge of the hermetic tradition, the keys of the Wisdom of all Time. Our grades, therefore, from the ladder which aids us to mount towards this end, a ladder in which not one rung is wanting neither is there a lacuna. We appeal to the soul by the secret formulae hidden in our ceremonies; to the mind by the special studies of the Order, to the body by the stations and movements in the Temple and to the whole being by the combinations of these.

We do not operate Martinism or Martinezism but have friendly relations and collaborations with Ordre Reaux Croix. Our members are encouraged to seek contact with the nearest operating Martinist Order, and thereby work with said tradition.


The S.R.C. & S.S.A. is led by a Grand Council of the College of the Adepti. All members who have attained the 5°=6° grade are also members of the College. Each year, 3 members are chosen to lead the Order, according to the statutes made by the College. The College also chooses 3 members to operate each Temple for a 36 months period. One person will never be in a position where he or she can control everything, neither in a Temple nor in the Order.

Furthermore, the S.R.C. & S.S.A. is completely independent; we are neither controlled by nor dependent upon any other Order, secret society or “secret chiefs”.


We sincerely believe in the importance of not being driven by financial gain. Therefore, neither will members be paid for their Order work, nor will Temples be required to pay fees to the College of the Adepti.

Membership fees are set by each Temple to cover its direct expenses.

Temples & Circles

The S.R.C. & S.S.A. have operating (initiating) Temples in:

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • USA

  • Greece

As we have no interest in letting quantity be a substitute for quality, new Temples will arise slowly. Some Temples have, however, chosen to remain hidden during their upstart, and will thus not be ilsted on this site.

As the membership requirements clearly indicate, an aspiring member must either live close to an operating Temple, or be willing to travel to a Temple on a regular basis. In some countries, like Spain and Argentina, we have close affiliates, which means that they operate independent outer GD Orders, which our members have visiting rights to, and where the inner Orders collaborate.

Members of the S.R.C. also have the possibility to lead a Circle under the auspice of the Order. Circles have no authority to initiate, but can provide the foundation for a future Temple. Initiatic membership in the S.R.C. is not a requirement for joining an existing Circle.

Circles are at present located in:

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

Grade structure

The grade structure is based on the Golden Dawn & RR et AC system (which stems from the Gold und Rosenkreuz) and the basis of the initiation rituals come from the same. The grade related work emphasizes both practical ritual work and intensive intellectual studies. Theoretical, philosophical and practical exams must be passed before grade advancement can take place.


The goal of the S.R.C. is to provide such a solid foundation that the candidate succeeds in full contact with his/her Holy Guardian Angel.

The work and initiations of the S.R.C. is integrated with the Gnostic minor ordinations. In each elemental grade, the magical work relates to the element in question (invocations of elemental and zodiacal forces), but also planetary work starts at the 2=9 level. Increasing with each grade, members are encouraged to modify and develop personal ritual structures. Basic structure for the magical work follows:



Zodiacal forces

Planetary forces







Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn




Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Luna, Saturn



Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Mercury, Jupiter



Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Venus, Mars


Spirit & sub-elements



All members are given an individual tutor, who follows the process in more detail throughout the grades. The tutor for any neophyte is at least of the 2=9 grade.

Before advancement into the S.S.A., each candidate must learn, interpret and understand the grades and mysteries of the Order from the following perspectives:

  • Kabbalistic

  • Egyptian

  • Hermetic-Alchemical

  • Gnostic

  • Magical-Theurgical

  • Mystical

From this it should be quite clear that we put a totally different emphasis on the elemental grades than the Golden Dawn tradition normally does. A candidate who enters into the S.S.A. as an adeptus minor is, after this training and work, by all means taking his or her first steps as an adept in the truest sense of the word.

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